The New Magic Gathering Card Game

The next generation of this popular game is from Microprose they have released a new version with two translations that coincide with the same game, it may seem that this popular game will grow even more now that it is moving from the printed version to a electronic medium.

For those who are not familiar with this game, the card version go’s like this, you and your opponent play they role of wizards and in your hands you have a deck of magical cards that consist of powerful creatures, magical spells, and lands rich with mana. The more land you dominate and poses the more mana or (magical energy) you gain which means the more powerful your spells will become.

With Microprose’s new version you are able to execute two types of game play, which are duel or campaign, in duel mode you can match your custom built decks against a computer opponent and you can choose from 60 pre-built decks which makes for some serious game play. In the campaign mode it will allow you a bit more variety, in this case the well known planes-walker Arzakon will try and dominate and take control of the land (Shandalar) and it is up to you to stop him in his tracks. The game is just like previous gathering games with a bit more excitement, you can travel through the land of Shandalar, walk through towns, explore old ruins and so forth. The major difference with this version is that instead of slaying dragons and wizards you can actually challenge them to a game of magic cards and if you win you get to add more magic gathering cards to your deck, and if you loose, then you forfeit one of your magic cards.You can learn more about the magic gathering card game and how and when to play those vital cards when you need to.

Playing World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is one of the best selling games in the world. It is a multiplayer online game played by more than million users around the world. The core objective of the game is to fight and win from the frightening monsters and creature which come in your way every now and then. The game is defined in a highly detailed 3D environment in which you are allowed to interact with virtual objectives. You are wander, have fun and visit places to increase your experience and resources.

Collection of resources for your living is very necessary in the game. You, in fact are a character or an avatar in the game. The avatar is detailed designed 3D characters which can moves and interacts with virtual objects in the game. The game contains the map of two continents: Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdodr. But with a series of expansion set, the game has changed a lot from its initial launch. The game has experienced three expansion sets introducing new feature every time. The expansions have also added Outlands and Northend continent in the game to increase the play area of the character. These areas are also used for fighting, collecting resources and increasing your experience.

The objective of the game:

The main objective of the game is to complete quests which people do by setting their avatar or character in the game. Most common and frequently occurring situations are ‘defeating the enemy’, ‘collecting resources for your living’, ‘gaining experiences’ and ‘eventually attaining higher levels of the game’. Access to higher levels opens up several new activities and skills that a character can perform. Primary activities include blacksmithing and tailoring. But as you gradually move up the level you are also introduced with fishing, cooking and first aid. This adds to your experience and resources and eventually helps you in fighting with the enemy


As people visit different places and wander from one place to another, they explore new routers and ways to move. They also discover travelling and moving means. In some latest editions of the “World of Warcraft”, you are allowed to fly back to the previously discovered area. It saves your time and gives increases flexibility in the game. Most commonly used transportation system in the game of “World of Warcraft” includes boats and portals. These means are excessively used to move from one place to other in the virtual world

Real World:

The virtual “World of Warcraft” has added a number of things that are related to your real life. You can also experience several festivals as they do occur in your real life. For example, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas are the new festivals that are added as a feature in the game.

Gaming Just Isn’t the Same Anymore

As humanity progresses at such a rapid rate so is our technology. Computers are starting to come in all shapes and sizes and their capabilities become more advanced on a day by day basis. Twenty five years ago we couldn’t wait to insert that cartridge and press that start button that would transport us to our own 8 bit universe. Today we can’t wait to insert that $500 video card and start playing the latest in graphical achievements. After playing one of Electronic Art’s most advanced creations to date, I’ve come to the conclusion that gaming just isn’t the same anymore.

Crysis is the name of a game that will go down in history as a first of its kind. When it was first released in November of 2007, it blew the gaming world away. It’s not just another first person shooter. This game has a look and feel to it that might have you second guessing reality. This game gives users a massive tropical island to explore without limits; it doesn’t keep you running in a straight line. You can explore just about any part of the island you want. One of the most exciting features that have this game pushing the frontier is your multifunctional nanosuit. Equipping you with an array of insane, supernatural abilities including a cloaking mode. This enables invisibility for a short time which can come in quite handy. Crysis also delivers an arsenal of fully customizable weapons and vehicles that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

Aside from the killer graphics and incredibly realistic game play, this game has a very unique story line that keeps you glued to the screen and begging for more. Your scenario will be ever changing and just when you thought the game couldn’t get any better something crazy will happen that will leave your jaw hanging. This game is action packed and will have you battling for hours. Just don’t lose yourself; you still have a life outside of your computer. Crysis does a great job of making you forget that.

The only bad thing I can say about this game is that you will be sad when you beat it. Not because it had a bad ending, the ending was great! You’ll just end up being thirsty for more. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a short game at all. It’s the fact that it’s going to be hard to find a game that can top this one. I’ve played three different games that were released after Crysis and none of them can compare. I suppose this game spoiled me because after playing Crysis gaming just isn’t the same anymore.

Play Bubble Games and Discover New Challenges

Our story begins with my last visit on Halloween at my parents house. My family was sitting at the table, except my father, that was gone, I asked my mother where is he and she gave me a weird look, I headed to the room and there he was, staring at the computer, a 58 year old man glued to the screen. He didn’t say hello or responded to my presence, I came closer to the screen and then I saw it- Bubbles, lots of colored bubbles, my father became another line in the statistics- Bubble games fanatic.

How did this all begin? Surprisingly, bubble shooter was originally developed for Microsoft Company as a clone of the classic Puzzle Bobble title, the 90’s arcade game, little they knew that their creation will become one of the most played games ever on the web.

The game target is removing all bubbles from the screen by shooting them with a bubble of the same color.

When you create a group of three or more from the same color, they fade away, as you complete the stage you will encounter the bubble fireworks effect.

As time went by,many users joined the bubble shooter games,playing and getting hooked by it’s simple, yet addicting gameplay. Some play to eliminate the bubbles in the fastest time and some try to reaching high scores.

I’m always surprised to discover so many ways are made to play this fun game, but like the old phrase goes, you can’t argue with success.

The success of bubble shooter, lured clones to try and recreate the game’s success, and are widely available on many online sites, you can find animal bubble games, themed bubbles games and of course the perfect brand mix- Obama bubbles game, how cool is that?

Now you must ask yourself, where can I find those games?

Well, it’s very easy, just Google the keywords bubble shooter, bubble games or bubbles games, anyone of these words will allow you to enjoy many sites that supply the fun addicting game play equipped with many bubbles, it’s a world full of bubbles, so why not joining it?

Increasing Trend of Free Online Games

Online games are perhaps some of the best and also some of the most innovative inventions of human beings. The fascinating features of this inventions are the main reasons for the increasing popularity of these games and hence the increase in the total number of internet users engaged in playing these games.

Many companies indulge themselves in the business of handling websites which are involved in providing games. All of these websites are extremely well developed and hence they are quite user-friendly. Hence, even a person who has a minimal degree of knowledge about the internet and overall computers is also able to check the various types of games in these websites and ultimately have a wonderful time playing them.

The above said remark about the gaming websites being extremely well designed holds solid ground. This can be understood when one visits any one of the various gaming websites today. On these websites, all the features are placed in a very concise design and the information that is provided about them is done so in a very simple language. Hence, the names of the games along with their screen shots are a regular feature of almost all the gaming websites operating today. The screen shots serve the primary purpose of awakening the interest and the game does the rest by providing complete enjoyment to the user.

Another landmark feature, apart from the money making one, is the presence of the feature of all of the games being free and hence no amount, big or small is required either for playing the games. Furthermore, some of the websites even don’t require any sort of registration for playing the games and therefore the user can casually visit one such website, click on a game name and start playing. Hence, the element of free games is perhaps taking on the role of being the generally adored item in the gaming world.

These are some of the reasons for the increase in the number of websites giving the feature of online games and also the increase in the total number of users playing the games in these websites. Most of the games are quite interesting and hence the game play, graphics and sound is a treat to experience in most of the games. Some of the online games even have a background story and hence the users are able to muster the feeling of being part of a nice story as they go on winning level after level as they play the game.

Types of Online Computer Games

The world of computer games has evolved in exponential manner in the last few years. What started as a little fun for the kids is today a multi billion dollar industry with people of all ages playing online. These games are available for anyone with a computer and an internet connection. They are diverse and cater to the varied tastes of the gamers around the world. When people get bored with their daily chores, they relax in the company of these online games. These games provide a lot of fun and frolic to the gamers and test their skills in the field which is the theme of the game.

Online games are based upon various themes and depending upon the storyline and the game play, they can be broadly classified into following categories.

Action Games
There are people who are always on the lookout for some action on the net. They love games in which they have to fight and defeat the enemy battalions. They provide a lot of thrill and excitement. They are not limited to shooting alone as players are tested on their war tactics and other skills also.

Arcade Games
If you have played Super Mario in your childhood, you know what I mean. These games involve crossing hurdles to advance to higher levels and the player is excited as he reaches another level. It gets tougher with each passing level.

Board games
Well, these are similar to board games that we play in our real life like chess and carom. The only difference is that the player uses a click of the mouse to play his turn.

Sport based Games
Today there are games on the internet which simulate all outdoor games and people can play any game like football, ice hockey, baseball, volleyball and so on, on the net.

Hidden object games
They have a storyline and a setting in which the player enters and advances to next levels by solving puzzles and finding hidden objects when he gets clues from the characters in the game. They have become very popular in the last few years. They test the intelligence of the gamer and he feels satisfied when he solves puzzles and gets reward points playing mini games in the main game.

Where To Find Online Strategy Games

The internet is the biggest source of information on the planet. It’s like you can find everything on the internet most especially when it comes to games. The internet is the best venue where you can find the best games on the planet, and all you have to do is to search for these on the internet, and you can be able to download these games or you can just play these straight from your browser.

There are many sites that offer simple Online Strategy Games. If you try to click on these sites, you will find yourself in a wide array of strategy games. These are often presented on the page as tiled icons showing a screenshot of the game. All you need to do is to click on the screenshot or on the title and you will be transferred to a different page that features the game itself. These games are totally free but don’t expect too much from them. If you’re the type of person who is just looking for a way to kill time and if you’re just bored and you just want to do anything, then these games can do. These games are very nostalgic of the early computer games or ancient consoles, so that means the graphics are not that astonishing. The graphics are just in 2D with bright colors although you won’t find the pixel effects on these games. You will also find the game play to be plain and normal. Well, since these are just Java or Flash games, then you just have to settle with these games. They are absolutely free anyway.

If you are an expert gamer, then there are Online Strategy Games that are far better than these 2D games. Although these are not totally free at all since you need to buy an installer for these, you can actually have the option of getting these games for free. It may not be totally illegal, but these days, the installers of these strategy games can already be downloaded through torrent sites. What you just need to do is to search for these on the torrent site, and you can already download the file for free. Moreover, you can also enjoy these games on the internet without paying for anything except for your electric bill. Usually, these games are competitive ones in such a way that you try to battle with other players online. The usual game play for these strategy games is that you need to protect your home base by investing on your infrastructure and your army that you can use to defend your base and to invade and destroy others’ bases. With this complex game play, it also comes with rich graphics that can really maximize your computer’s gaming capability and your internet’s speed.

There are also some online strategy games that seem to be a combination between the two types of online strategy games. These are the games that you can play straight from your browser but offers a complex strategic game play and decent 3D graphics. Above all, you don’t have to worry about downloading torrents for this, because these games can be downloaded straight from its website for free.